In-Practice Training

Vetology© Training Day provides training for the whole team.

The day includes 4 sessions, starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

Most practices have a session with each of the roles in practice; vets, nurses, receptionists and management – but this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Sessions available for Vets

  • The Veterinary Consultation: Communication strategies that improve client satisfaction and compliance, and develop vet confidence.
  • Driving financial productivity by focusing on the 4 variables which determine the average spend per client per year; Pricing, Estimating, Charging and Clinical Proactivity.

Veterinary Nurse Consulting

  • Categorising the 25 different veterinary nurse consultations
  • Embracing Schedule 3 Exemptions during veterinary nurse consultations
  • Charging for veterinary nurse consultations

Customer Care Advisors

Pre and Post-clinical stages within the Clinical-Client journey.

  • Recruiting and registering clients – especially when they call around for prices
  • Converting ‘Contact-to-Consult’
  • Managing the appointments-schedule on the practice management system
  • Face to face communication and interaction with clients
  • Asking for payment and ensuring follow-up

Management​ & Leadership Team

  • Financial productivity and profitability
  • Marketing
  • Employee management

Some practices duplicate sessions in order to facilitate all members of staff being able to attend whilst others are ‘covering the shop’​.